About us

Niels Hoogenboom

Founder, editor, photographer, filmmaker

Although aviation was already a large interest in the beginning of his live, Niels started photographing military aircraft around the age of 15. During that period, he borrowed his first SLR camera from his grandpa. Not long after that he bought himself a similar one. With the lack of airbases in the vicinity of his home town, Niels only photographed aircraft during the annual airshow of the RNLAF or airshows in Belgium or France. Many of those shows he visited together with his dad.
Due to the location of his college, Niels was close to Naval Air Station Valkenburg, were he spent a lot of spare time along the fence during his college years. Immediately after his graduation in 2001, he moved to Oss, which is relatively close to Volkel Air Base. Living close to this air base gave him the opportunity to spend a lot of time along the fence there. In the meantime, he changed his gear to a full automatic SLR before switching to digital photography in 2004. That same year, the first two photos, although scans of analogues photos, were published in a local aviation magazine. This was soon followed by many digital photos in several magazines. Together with Mike, he started writing articles to support the photos, which were published all over the world. In 2014, the first steps were made in in creating movies supporting our online articles.

Mike Schoenmaker

Editor, photographer

As a son of a Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) pilot, Mike was interested in military aviation from his first years in live. During his childhood he spent many hours on the base were his dad was stationed, or along the fences to see the everyday flying, mostly at Volkel Air Base in the Netherlands.
When he was about 14 years of age he started to take pictures, only with a simple small frame camera. After a few years he could sometimes borrow a better camera and lens, so he learned more about photography. During his college years, the hobby was at a slow pace due to a lack of time, but turned around when he bought his first SLR camera two years after his graduation. In 2005, he switched to digital photography. Today's equipment consists of high-end Canon gear. Immediately after switching to digital, his first pictures were published in magazines like Scramble and AIM (of the Spotting Group Volkel).
In 2006 Mike became a regional board member of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Association (RNLAFA) 'Onze Luchtmacht' in charge of public relations and the organisation of activities. Besides that he's the Vice-president. For his public relations work, he has written regional news items for every edition of the RNLAFA magazine 'Onze Luchtmacht' since august 2006. Also several of his articles were published in the 'Onze Luchtmacht', but also in other magazines like 'De Vliegende Hollander', Scramble and AIM. Among the articles which were published are military news items and reviews about airshows, air forces and units. His pictures are also frequently used by the mentioned magazines, on military aviation websites. The RNLAF has used some of Mike's pics for their own databases or adornment in building within military installations. To conclude, some of his pictures are published in books, like "100 jaar Vliegen Voorbij" (translated: '100 Years of Flight Gone By') and "The Measure of Success" by the National Aerospace Laboratory.

Global Air Power Media

At the same period Niels published his photo (2005), he launched his personal aviation website, called 'NH Aviation Photography', where he showed reports and photos about all kind of aviation events and airbases he visited. Niels maintained this website till 2009 as it became too sluggish and labor intensive. With the desire for a more professional website, Niels set out a development trail which eventually resulted in founding Global Air Power Media in 2011, followed by designing its branding and logo. Because of the nearly 10 year of friendship with Mike and his experience in writing, Mike was involved in further setting and filling up Global Air Power Media in 2014. That same year the initial version of the website became online, followed by the official launch inearly 2016.